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Kids Eat Free


Kids Eat Free is here to help parents by simplifying the process of finding great restaurants. The app is designed to locate dining places that offer value to families in their local communities. As the name suggests, this easy-to-understand and simple application identifies restaurants that provide free or discounted meals for kids. This adds excitement and variety to a family’s dining experience. Kids Eat Free lets you explore comfortable dining options in your neighborhood.

Problems and Solutions


Going out with family especially kids can become hectic and uncomfortable if the chosen place is not child-friendly. Parents often struggle in locating dining places that cater to the needs of their children and at the same time provide value for money. There is no single resource that helps parents in discovering family-friendly restaurants and thus parents are left with limited options for their families.


Kids Eat Free is a handy app that connects users with a variety of local eateries offering either free kids' meals or meals at reduced prices. Thanks to the app's extensive database, users of the app have a wide range of options from thousands of eateries located all across the United States. Users may quickly identify local eateries and refine their search based on distance and cuisine preferences by using location-based services. This not only saves time but also ensures a speedy and efficient experience while exploring dining deals.

Kids Eat Free
Kids Eat Free Kids Eat Free



Restaurant Finder

The app allows users to locate restaurants near their current location. This ensures convenience and accessibility.


Free and Discounted Kids' Meals

Kids Eat Free provides a curated list of restaurants that offer free or discounted meals for children. This gives families more dining options within their budget.


Comprehensive Restaurant Database

The app's extensive database includes thousands of restaurants across the United States so the users have a lot of options to select from.


Regular Updates

The app regularly updates its database to ensure the addition of new restaurants and the latest dining offers.


Search Filters

Users can set specific distance parameters and filter restaurants based on their preferred food choices.


Speed and Performance

Kids Eat Free is optimized for speed. It is user-friendly, delivers quick search results, and offers quality user experience.

Kids Eat Free

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