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Squares King


Squares King modernizes the classic game of Super Bowl Squares and provides an easier and more convenient way to play. You can create and manage contests, invite friends and colleagues, and make your selections, all via the mobile application. It saves from the hassle of paper girds and random draws and brings a digital experience for the excited players.

Problems and Solutions


Traditional Super Bowl Squares involve manual processes such as drawing grids on paper and random number draws. With the changing landscape of the digital world, it has become difficult for users to participate in time-consuming activities. Meeting with people, and coordinating with friends and colleagues to play the game can be challenging. Everyone has a different schedule and finding time that suits all is very difficult. Hence, there is a need to bring traditional games to mobile phones in a user-friendly way.


Squares King solves these difficulties in playing and offers a user-friendly mobile application. It is here to streamline the digital experience of Super Bowl Squares. The app allows users to create games, invite friends and make square selections digitally. Squares King leverages real probabilities to ensure a fair and exciting game for all participants.

Squares Kings offers two distinctive estimated sheets, 10×10 and 5×5 so it will cover pretty much any game your toss at it. Squares King has been produced to convey squares to all your most loved games including football, soccer, hockey, baseball, b-ball, cricket, field hockey, and even golf. It’s a great way to kill time if you aren’t feeling too productive.

With Squares Kings everybody can get included. Use it for the sake of entertainment, gathering pledges or just to sit back sitting at a bar with your companions.

Squares King
Squares King Squares King



Digital Game

The app digitizes the super bowl squares game. Players can create as many games as they want, directly from their mobile phones.


Invite Players

The application allows users to invite their coworkers, friends, and other players to join the game. This helps in adding participants and expanding your social circle.


Game Management

The platform also supports features such as game management, tracking progress, and managing payouts. The users stay engaged throughout the event.


Seamless Experience

The app has an intuitive mobile interface and an efficient user experience. It is easy for anyone to participate in the fun from anywhere.

Squares King

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