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Vola is a telehealth platform streamlining the process of online checkups. Vola uses cutting-edge technology and connectivity to offer a user-friendly application. It provides services such as appointment scheduling, building patient profiles, and connecting with healthcare providers via video calls. Vola lets users receive healthcare services from the comfort of their homes.

Problems and Solutions


Traveling to healthcare facilities has become inconvenient due to the pandemic. People avoid paying unnecessary visits for issues that can be treated and consulted from home. Moreover, long waiting times and limited appointment availability are challenging. It is more difficult for people with busy schedules, or those living in remote areas having mobility issues. So, there is a need for a solution that can improve accessibility, and simplify the online checkup procedure.


Vola addresses the above-mentioned challenges and provides a complete flow for online checkup procedures. The application allows users to select the appointment type such as general health and wellness, mental health, etc. The users can also schedule appointments for their dependents. The registration process is quite easy to navigate. Users can create a patient profile and include all relevant details such as medication, pre-existing conditions, symptoms, allergies, etc. 

Vola is integrated with secure payment options and the users can conveniently pay via their insurance cards or credit cards. The video calls between the patient and the doctor is safe and secure. The Vola app is also incorporated with real-time updates and notifications, that lets users know about the availability information of the healthcare provider.

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Appointment Type

The user selects the specific appointment type and is directed to the appropriate healthcare service.


Sign up/ Sign in

The user can either register and sign in to the account or can continue as a guest for a quick checkup.


Dependent Checkup

Not only can the user schedule appointments for himself but also for his dependents.


Payment Integration

Vola is equipped with seamless payment integration. It enables users to pay using their insurance or credit cards.


Patient Profile

The user can make his profile and add all the relevant information that is needed by the doctor. Any pre-existing conditions and allergies are also listed.


Symptoms and Medication

The user can add the symptoms and any existing medication that he is taking. It helps the healthcare provider in effective diagnosis.


Video Call Connectivity

The app is configured with Agora SDK to establish secure video calls between the doctor and the patient.


Technology Stack

  • Flutter


    Rest API

    Agora SDK Integration

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