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We (AlBurraqTech LLC) are Tech consultants to your products powered by Machine Learning. AlBurraqTech's primary focus is Ecomerece based systems, we develop systems from scratch and improved existing with the help of Machine Learning. Want to discuss how we can impact your sales? Call us at +1 (415) 449 9415

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    Al-Burraq Technologies is one of the top machine learning companies in USA providing machine learning applications

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Quality is our major aspect that Al-Burraq Technologies does not compromise on. We provide immaculate and high-performance in SEO, WordPress, Website, Mobile and Laravel application development. We provide answers to your daily web-based development projects to ensure your workflow is smooth, that’s is our promise to you.


Innovation is something that we at Al-Burraq Technologies pride ourselves upon, we have the magic to think up creative and cost-efficient ways to perform our work which sets our work apart from our fellow competitors and gives us an edge and shows it our work.


Al-Burraq Technologies offers some of the best and most convenient solutions that are not only cost-effective but tailored to the needs of the client so that it suits that workflow. Our workforce is well-versed in their domain and provide work of the highest quality.

What Sets Us Apart

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We at Al-Burraq Technologies always scheme up new ways and new applications to provide to our clients. This in turn helps them in completing projects on time, cutting costs on delays, better UI/UX and an amazing output of work overall. Our work is tailored towards the social media marketing agency which is why our content is rooted towards marketing our clients to become more mainstream even further than they initially are.
We at Al-Burraq Technologies are one of USA’s top website designing and development company and we got here not by sheer luck, but by being very good at what we do, we are specialized and provide an array of services such as Mobile Application development Website development custom WordPress plugin development Social media marketing SEO (Search engine Optimization) Software development service And we have done so for many reputable start-ups in USA.
Being a reputable and established web design and development company in USA means that we are consistent in our work and that you can expect the best from our side when we work towards a project. Our demography is not limited to a single industry, we provide solutions to customers in media, healthcare, mobile and social gaming, retail, financial services, technology, education and publishing and what’s more is that it’s done by our highly talented team. Read more.

Our Portfolio

50 Free Beats

50 beats is a music application for all Rappers, Singers C& Music Lovers. 50 beats points on offering back to the individuals who love making music and might not have the assets to purchase beats, approach beats or associations with makers who are happy to help. All Beats are accessible for nothing download with a rent permit. Al-Burraq, Social media marketing company in USA is glad to help them in creating this app.This is a Calling for all Rappers, Singers, and Music Lovers and anyone who loves music in general. It directs you to get moment access to 50 unique beats in various classes including Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae ton, R&B and that's just the beginning. You get to Stream every one of the 50 Beats/Instrumentals whenever and anyplace as long as you have web association There is no web no issue. Download every one of the 50 Beats/Instrumentals specifically on your telephone and hear them out disconnected. Use them in YouTube recordings, in fight raps, demos, blend tapes, collections and significantly more. All Beats are created by Jay Blitz. Want to take your beats and tunes to the following dimension? Look at the official FREE Jay Blitz "Beats by Blitz" application. accessible currently on google play. The app boasts a lot of aspects such as 50 free beats, 50 free diverse instrumentals and 50 free downloads so you don’t have to feel like playing a lot and try it on for size for free if you like it. The app in general is quite aesthetic and user-friendly. You can also purchase the lease license to use the tracks you make for using the music that is already licensed so as to not get into the trouble of copyright infringement, for that it’s better to contact the developers in that case.

Square King

Need a simpler method to play super bowl squares? Squares King where genuine probabilities rule. Squares King gives you an approach to play that out-dated squares diversion yet currently. Not all the more squandering paper, drawing matrices and selecting numbers from a cap.Need a less demanding approach to play super bowl squares? Squares King where genuine probabilities rule. Squares King gives you an approach to play that antiquated squares amusement however currently. No all the more squandering paper, drawing networks and choosing numbers from a cap. With Squares King you can make the same number of recreations as you like, they come your companions and colleagues, pick squares and deal with your diversion all from your wireless. With Squares Kings everybody can get included. Use if for the sake of entertainment, gathering pledges or just to sit back sitting at a bar with your companions. Squares Kings offers two distinctive estimated sheets, 10x10 and 5x5 so it will cover pretty much any game your toss at it. Squares King has been produced to convey squares to all your most loved games including football, soccer, hockey, baseball, b-ball, cricket, field hockey and even golf. It’s a great way to kill time if you aren’t feeling too productive. Al-Burraq, Social media marketing company in USA is glad to help them in creating this site.

Soneri Bank

Soneri Bank Limited was fused in Pakistan on 28 September 1991 as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. Its offers are cited on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (once in the past Karachi stock trade constrained). The Bank works with 266 branches including 16 Islamic managing an account branches in.Amongst other things, Soneri bank is quite a reputable bank at this point. They are very customer centric and keep a strong lookout for their customers and their banking needs to make sure they have a wonderful experience.High moral standards is another aspect that Soneri Bank prides itself upon as it stays away from any unethical practice and takes ownership over its actions and for other financial assets and instruments that they trade in. They are proactive in their duties and the fulfillment of it and they collaborate with other banks and businesses alike to market themselves as a trusty and hardworking brand. In short, their long-term goal and mission is to discover and provide efficient financial solutions to their clients and to revolutionize the local banking scene and in turn, help society grow at large. Al-Burraq, Social media marketing company in USA is glad to help them in creating this app.

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