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Vertex Inspector


Vertex Inspector is an inspection application that helps in efficiently inspecting assets, recording defects, generating detailed reports, and capturing photos. The inspection process can be streamlined with the use of this app. The inspectors can also assign issues to the responsible team members and this ensures effective communication about the defects.

Problems and Solutions


The process of conducting inspections and communicating the defect site and information manually can be difficult and inefficient. The actual location of the defect is sometimes difficult to communicate verbally or even via photos. The traditional paper-based method is also error-prone and results in delays. Moreover, the assignment and tracking of issues should be real-time and quick. Hence, there is a need for an app that can simplify this whole process and consume less time for the whole inspection workflow.


Vertex Inspector addresses all of the above-mentioned challenges via a simple and easy-to-use mobile application. The site inspectors can record the defects by taking photos via the app, adding defect titles and descriptions, assigning them to team members, and tracking them. All the issues are recorded in one place and organized into projects. Moreover, the app also allows the ability to create CSV output of defects for sharing, recording, and analysis purposes.

Asset inspections become more streamlined, accurate, and collaborative with Vertex Inspector. The app is empowering users to carry out in-depth evaluations and efficiently manage processes for defect recording and resolution.

Vertex Inspector
Vertex Inspector Vertex Inspector



Defect Recording

Users record defects by capturing highly detailed photos via the app. The photos are of high quality and provide a clear location of the problem.


Assignment of Issues

The issues are assigned to the respective team members via the app. In this way, the communication becomes seamless and less time-consuming.


CSV Output

The app lets you create defect schedule CSV files, making it easy to share reports with stakeholders and conduct additional analysis.


Picture Grid

The application also has a grid feature. The pictures captured via app have a grid to correctly mark the defect site. This allows for easy identification and selection of specific areas on the image. The user selects the particular grid that is affected or damaged.



Through the app, the assignees of the recorded defects receive immediate notifications and information, ensuring effective collaboration and prompt issue resolution.

Vertex Inspector

Technology Stack






    Rest API

    Firebase Push Notifications (FCM)

    Auth0 Integration

    Firebase Phone Authentication and OTP verification

    Offline Data Storage (SQLite)

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