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Neuro Force One


Neuro Force One's mobile fitness app optimizes training with a highly detailed, easy-to-use tool that includes a proprietary Readiness Score to maximize gym time and performance.

Neuro Force One (NF1) is a mobile fitness application built for people looking to optimize their training and performance. The app is a one-stop solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, with its easy-to-use interface and powerful features. With the use of the latest technology, training methods, and nutrition plans, the app aims to help its users achieve their fitness goals.

Problems and Solutions


Ready-made fitness plans and training routines become inefficient or unsuitable for each individual. Athletes have to struggle to adjust their plans with their changing routines due to factors such as sleep, stress, etc. Customized and adjusted plans tailored to each individual requirements are needed for effective results.


Neuro Force One is here to help athletes by providing detailed and customized training programs. The app makes use of a proprietary readiness score for each individual’s readiness level and adjusts workout programs according to it. This app can be connected to smartwatches and Bluetooth heart rate monitors to get a user’s vitals. By tracking a user’s data, the app provides real-time feedback so that performance can be maximized.

Neuro Force One
Neuro Force One Neuro Force One



Smart Watch Pairing

Connect your smartwatch with NF1 and monitor your heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken during your workout sessions.


Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Pairing

You can also pair a Bluetooth heart rate monitor for tracking heart rate during the workout to ensure maintaining the target rate.


Data-Driven Nutrition Plans

You can get customized nutrition plans according to your body needs, fitness data, physical activity level, and workout frequency.


Food Library

The in-app food library contains a lot of food items and allows you to log your daily meals and snacks.


Performance Tracking

NF1 records metrics such as the number of reps, amount of weight lifted, and duration of each exercise to track a user’s performance.


Extensive Library of Exercises and Customized Plans

NF1 has an extensive library of exercises including instructions and videos to learn. The user can also make customized plans out of them.


Access to NSF-Certified Supplements

NF1 allows users to find tested and verified supplements that are effective for fitness goals. The supplements are safe too.

Neuro Force One

Technology Stack







    Rest API


    Provider State Management

    Terra SDK

    Bluetooth Integration

    Health Kit Integration

    Firebase Push Notifications (FCM)

    Watch Connection via Bluetooth

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