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Tax Calculator


Tax Calculator is a well-known tax services provider company in Pakistan. It specializes in providing tools for calculating tax according to the country’s budget. It provides a wide range of financial services such as company/ firm registration, income tax return filing, tax appeals and litigation, and drafting legal agreements and contracts.

The company caters to the tax filing needs of individuals, companies, and charitable organizations via its expert and professional team.

Problems and Solutions


Calculating taxes can be very cumbersome and time-consuming. Tax preparation and financial planning often pose challenges for individuals and businesses. A lot of times, the process leads to errors and unnecessary stress. It becomes crucial to stay updated with the latest legal requirements and intricacies of tax regulations. There is a need for reliable tax advisors who can provide comprehensive and customized services.


Tax Calculator provides solutions to the above-listed problems. The company provides expert tax services and financial solutions. The legal team is experienced in providing services such as tax preparation, firm registration, tax planning, and filing.

The motto of the company is to provide easy and accessible tools for calculating taxes. The platform is regularly updated with the changing tax regulations.

Tax Calculator
Tax Calculator Tax Calculator



Tax Calculators

The website provides convenient tools for calculating various types of taxes such as salary tax, business tax, rental tax, agriculture tax, PTA tax, value-added tax, registration tax, etc.


Firm Registration

The website provides access to the company/ firm registration services.


Income Tax Return Filing

The company assists individuals and businesses in filing their return taxes according to the laws and regulations.


Tax Appeals and Litigation

The company also provides support in the cases of tax appeals and litigation.


Drafting Legal Agreements and Contracts

The website allows users to access professional services for drafting legal agreements and contracts.

Tax Calculator

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