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Podcast with Stephen Blum - CTO of PubNub | Techstar Magazine
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Podcast with Stephen Blum - CTO of PubNub | Techstar Magazine

This podcast with Stephen Blum, CTO of PubNub, is a treasure trove of knowledge for tech enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. From PubNub's journey to strategic fundraising and navigating tough situations, the conversation offers valuable takeaways for anyone looking to thrive in the dynamic tech landscape.

The Journey of PubNub:

In this podcast, Stephen Blum takes us on a captivating ride through PubNub's evolution. From its inception to becoming a trailblazer in real-time data streaming, listeners will gain valuable insights into the strategies and decisions that led to PubNub's growth and prominence.

Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success:

Stephen shares his personal roadmap to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the tech world. From identifying market needs to cultivating a robust team and nurturing innovation, he imparts wisdom that will inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

Strategic Approaches to Raising Funds for Startups:

Raising funds is a crucial aspect of startup growth. Stephen Blum delves into the strategic approaches employed by PubNub to secure funding and how they navigated the challenging landscape of venture capital. Listeners will gain valuable tips on building relationships with investors and positioning their startups for success.

The Impact of Layoffs on the Tech Industry:

Layoffs can be a harsh reality in the tech industry. Stephen discusses how PubNub handled challenging times, the impact of layoffs on employees and morale, and the lessons learned in maintaining a resilient company culture during difficult phases.

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