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Podcast with Leila Bahreinian | CEO G Vascular
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Podcast with Leila Bahreinian | CEO G Vascular

In a recent episode of "Tech Talk for the Curious Minds," hosted by Muhammad Ali Hassan, we had the privilege of speaking with Leila Bahreinian, the CEO of Interim, who shared her remarkable journey in the world of medical devices. This podcast touched upon various aspects of her professional life, including her transition from a stable job to a resource-limited startup, the challenges she faced as a female CEO, her perspective on diversity in a team, and the importance of AI innovations in the medical field.

The Transition from Stability to Entrepreneurship

Leila Bahreinian's journey into the medical device industry is a testament to her passion and determination. She spoke about her transition from a stable job to the world of startups, where long hours and resource constraints were the norm. This transition was not easy, but Leila's tenacity and belief in her vision allowed her to overcome these challenges. She stressed the importance of perseverance and adaptability when pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

The Power of Diversity in a Team

Diversity in a team was another key theme of the podcast. Leila emphasized that a diverse team brings together a wide range of perspectives and skills, which can lead to more innovative solutions. In her experience, a well-rounded team fosters creativity and helps in overcoming obstacles that might be insurmountable for a homogenous group. It's a lesson for both startups and established companies: embracing diversity can drive success.

Challenges Faced as a Female CEO

As a female CEO in a male-dominated industry, Leila faced unique challenges. She talked about breaking down stereotypes and the importance of being confident in her abilities. Her advice to other females aspiring to leadership roles was clear: don't let gender define your capabilities. Your skills and determination should be your primary focus, regardless of your gender.

Advice for Immigrants Facing Political Challenges

Leila, as an immigrant herself, offered insights into dealing with politics in the field. She encouraged immigrants to be proactive in building networks and understanding the culture of their new environment. Her advice was to focus on merit, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. By doing so, immigrants can transcend political challenges and succeed in their chosen fields.

The Role of AI Innovations in companies

One of the podcast's highlights was Leila's perspective on whether companies should hold AI innovations. She discussed the balance between protecting intellectual property and promoting collaboration and open-source development, shedding light on the complex issues surrounding AI innovation.

Leila's Success Secret

One question that often comes to mind is why Leila Bahreinian is so successful in everything she does. The answer, as revealed in the podcast, is her unwavering commitment, passion, and the ability to persevere in the face of challenges. She believes in constant learning and staying up-to-date with industry trends, which are some of the key attributes that contribute to her success.

Advice to Newcomers

Leila's parting words of wisdom were directed towards newcomers in the field. She advised them to stay curious, keep learning, and maintain a positive attitude. Networking and mentorship were also crucial components of her advice. Leila stressed that success doesn't happen overnight, and it's essential to stay focused and resilient on the path to achieving your goals.

In conclusion, our podcast with CEO Leila Bahreinian offered a valuable glimpse into the world of medical devices and entrepreneurship. Her journey, insights, and advice for females, immigrants, and newcomers in the field serve as an inspiring guide for anyone looking to make their mark in the industry. Companies should take note of her endorsement of AI innovations, and the power of diversity in teams, to drive progress and success.

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