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Explore Christian Rebernik's journey and Tomorrow University's AI-powered education in this podcast. Vision, advice, and innovation await

Podcast with Christian Rebernik: CEO of Tomorrow University
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Podcast with Christian Rebernik: CEO of Tomorrow University


In a recent podcast hosted by Muhammad Ali Hassan, CEO of Al Burraq Technologies, Christian Rebernik, the CEO and co-founder of Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, shared insights into his entrepreneurial journey within the education industry. This discussion delved into his initial motivations, the unique features of Tomorrow University, some amusing anecdotes from his experiences, and how the institution is utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AI and generative AI.

Motivation and First Startup

Christian Rebernik's journey in the education industry began with a strong motivation to revolutionize traditional learning methods. His passion for education and innovation fueled his determination to create a startup that could make a difference.

Unique Features of Tomorrow University

During the podcast, Rebernik highlighted Tomorrow University's distinctive features that set it apart from other e-learning platforms. The institution's focus on personalized learning, interactive course content, and mentorship programs was discussed. Unlike other platforms, Tomorrow University offers a tailored educational experience, catering to individual learning styles and preferences.

Incorporating AI and Generative AI

Rebernik shed light on how Tomorrow University is harnessing the power of AI and generative AI to enhance the learning experience. Through advanced algorithms, the platform analyzes students' progress and adapts course materials in real-time, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Generative AI is employed to create interactive and immersive content, captivating learners and encouraging active participation.

Amusing Anecdotes and Funny Stories

The podcast was not just informative but also entertaining, as Rebernik shared some amusing stories from his entrepreneurial journey. These lighthearted moments provided listeners with a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs faced by Rebernik and his team.

Vision for Tomorrow University

Rebernik's vision for Tomorrow University extends beyond conventional boundaries. He envisions a future where education is accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic background. Tomorrow University aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and the demands of the digital age, preparing students for successful careers in a rapidly evolving world.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In the podcast, Rebernik offered valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs striving for success. He emphasized the importance of perseverance, innovation, and the willingness to learn from failures. Rebernik encouraged budding entrepreneurs to surround themselves with a supportive network, stay updated with industry trends, and remain adaptable to change.


The podcast with Christian Rebernik, CEO of Tomorrow University, provided listeners with a glimpse into the innovative world of e-learning and entrepreneurship. As the education industry continues to evolve, Tomorrow University stands out as a beacon of progressive and personalized learning. Rebernik's insights, coupled with the amusing stories shared during the discussion, created an engaging and enlightening experience for the audience.

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