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HR and Leadership | Podcast with HR Manager Fatima Firdous
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HR and Leadership | Podcast with HR Manager Fatima Firdous


In a recent podcast hosted by Muhammad Ali Hassan, the CEO of Al-Burraq Technologies, senior HR executive Fatima Firdous shared her remarkable journey in the professional world. This blog post highlights key takeaways from the conversation, delving into her career start, experiences with tech companies, interview tactics, quirky questions, unusual job quitting scenarios, the rewards of being an HR professional, and her best advice for employees.

The Beginnings:

Fatima Firdous began her professional journey with passion and determination. She emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities, even if they don't align precisely with your initial career plans. Her story reminds us that the early stages of one's career are about learning and adapting.

Switches in Tech Companies:

Throughout the podcast, Fatima discussed her experiences working in various tech companies. She revealed the common reasons for the switching in tech companies.

Interview Insights:

Listeners gained valuable insights into Fatima's interview tactics. She highlighted the importance of asking open-ended questions to understand the candidate's thought process and motivations better. These tactics can help HR professionals make informed hiring decisions.

Quirky Interview Questions:

Fatima shared a humorous anecdote about the oddest question she'd ever received from an interviewee. It was a reminder that interviews can sometimes bring delightful surprises, adding a touch of quirkiness to the often formal process.

Unusual Job Quitting Stories:

Fatima's experience in HR exposed her to unique job quitting scenarios. She shared anecdotes of employees quitting in unexpected and sometimes theatrical ways. Such stories highlight the importance of communication and conflict resolution within organizations.

The Rewards of HR:

Being an HR professional isn't just about hiring and firing; it's about fostering a positive work environment. Fatima expressed the joy she finds in seeing employees grow and flourish in their roles. It serves as a reminder of the positive impact HR can have on an organization.

Best Advice from Fatima:

To wrap up the podcast, Fatima shared her best advice for employees: "Keep learning, stay adaptable, and never be afraid to ask for help or take on new challenges." Her wisdom speaks to the essence of personal and professional growth.


The podcast with HR manager Fatima Firdous was filled with valuable insights into the world of HR, leadership, and career development. From her unconventional interview questions to her experiences with unusual job quitting scenarios, Fatima's journey and advice inspire us to navigate the professional world with enthusiasm and adaptability.

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