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Software Developer

Usman Ali
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U. Ali

Software Developer

Professional Bio

Usman Ali is a highly skilled and experienced software developer with a working experience of around 2.5 years. His expertise lies in developing robust web applications and websites using technologies such as Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, SQL, HTML, CSS, Git, and JQuery. Usman is known for his ability to coordinate with management and development teams to prioritize needs and resolve conflicts. He excels in writing supporting code for web applications and ensures that the code is valid, properly structured, and meets industry standards. Usman has completed certifications in Responsive Website Basics and Project Management. These certifications demonstrate his dedication to staying updated with the latest industry practices and his ability to deliver high-quality projects.


Usman Ali has been working at Al Burraq for around 2 years as a Laravel developer, contributing to the successful development and delivery of various projects. He ensures that the code he develops is valid, properly structured, and compliant with industry standards. He codes considering compatibility with different browsers, devices, and operating systems. Usman's solid understanding of project management principles and practices has been recognized through certifications in Responsive Website Basics and Project Management. With his strong technical skills and dedication to professional growth, Usman is a valuable asset to any development team.


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SQL Database




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